Legend Lanes Book-a-Party

Please fill out the form below so one of our Event Coordinator can contact you about booking your next event or party.

* This e-mail form does not guarantee availability or confirm your reservation.


Saturday and Sunday Party Reservations can be booked at the following time blocks:
       11 am - 12:30 pm
        1 pm - 3 pm
        3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Legend Lanes will do parties on other days based on lane availability. 

  • Host may arrive 15 minutes prior to party starting
  • Dessert items only allowed into Legend Lanes with a Party Package Reservation
  • No other outside food or drinks permitted
  • Penny-A-Pin is NOT available for parties on Sundays
  • A two hour reservation (Strike, Cosmic Strike and Legendary Packages) allows for 90 minutes unlimited bowling and 30 minutes for party activites
Banquets - Special Events - Private Parties
Business Meeting ~ Fundraiser ~ Group Parties 

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